ⅰ.carrying out the activities of building “smoking-free school”
   Investigated in 1996, the general smoking rate of national adolescent is 10.8%( male 14%, female 7%). In 1992 the association supported Beijing to build smoking-free school in 3,500 primary and middle schools. At now 12,094 primary and middle schools and University have been named as “smoke-free  school” in the whole nation.

ⅱ.Implementing the signature activities " Refuse First cigarette, be a  No-Smoking New Generation” 
In 2000,the association began  to implement the signature activities " refuse first cigarette, be No-Smoking New Generation” in national primary and middle schools. 12 million students of primary and middle school nationwide has participated in 2005.

Awarding  prizes to the student winners of painting, opusculum and knowledge of smoking control

ⅲ. Inviting idols of adolescents to be Image Ambassador of Chinese Youth Tobacco Control 


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