The leaders of Ministry of Health and the association examined and conducted the works of building   “smoking-free hospitals”

      In 2005, the association make Beijing hospital and Beijing Chaoyan hospital as trail spot to built “smoking-free hospitals”.


The Spiritual Civilization Office of the Ministry of Health and association together checked and accepted “smoking-free hospitals” which reached the standard

giving the bands for smoking-free hospital
In 2002 giving the band for the first batch “smoking-free hospitals”


actively conducting media and performing to reject tobacco, carried out choosing “smoking-free films and televisions”

We had also organized the modern narrative movie since 1998, carrying evaluation on “smoking-free films and televisions” . In 2003 the world no tobacco day they had been commended.

China has 350 million smokers and 540 million passive smokers
China is the large country on tobacco plant and consumption. Adjustment of industrial structure still need process;
The number of smokers is decreasing in steady. The smoking rate of Chinese feminine and adolescent group is rising up;
China is lack of the national smoking control laws;
In some places  the enforcement and laws of smoking control urgently should be strengthened;
The sense of tobacco perniciousness to smokers is insufficient.



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