In 1996 the association proposed to build “tobacco-advertising- free cities” . The Office of National Patriotic Health Campaign Commission and the Ministry of  health authorized and approved.
In 2003 the Ministry of  Health  and State Administration for Industry and Commerce decided to sponsor together. The association undertaken the concrete work.
Up to now  41 cities from 17 provinces (area) had have applied. 27 cities of 13 provinces awarded "the national tobacco-advertising- free cities”.

Giving the bands for the first batch of "tobacco-advertising- free cities"

The Ministry of  Health , State Administration for Industry and Commerce, and the association carried out the investigation and  on "tobacco-advertising- free cities"

actively conducting media and performing to reject tobacco, carried out choosing “smoking-free films and televisions”

We had also organized the modern narrative movie since 1998, carrying evaluation  on “smoking-free films and televisions” .
In 2003 the world no tobacco day they had been commended.

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