Abstract submission is open from December 21st 2015 to July 15th 2016.
All abstracts need to be submitted online through Online Abstracts Submission System (Click here)
1. Please clearly choose your abstract topic when submitting. The main topics include:
1. Monitoring tobacco use and prevention policies
2. Protect people from tobacco smoke (smoke-free environment, non-smoking legislation, policy)
3. Offer help to quit tobacco use
4. Warn about the dangers of tobacco
5. Enforce bans on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship
6. Price and tax of Tobacco
7. Tobacco control and disease control
8. Tobacco control among youth
9. Health industry and tobacco substitutes
10. Interference from Tobacco industry
11. Tobacco control and health promotion
12. Tobacco control and media communication strategies
2. Requirement:
(1) All the abstracts should be submitted on-line.
(2) The abstract must be submitted in English.
(3) Please ensure careful preparation.
(4) The author’s SURNAME must be in capital letters.
(5) The abstract must be a maximum of 350 words
(6) Grant acknowledgement should be placed at the end of the abstract
(7) References are not normally required
(8) DO NOT add in any text formatting
(9) Abbreviations should only be used for common terms. For uncommon terms the abbreviation should be given in brackets after the first full use of the word
3. Abstracts Review Criteria:
(1) Match the theme of APACT 2016.
(2) Clear argument and reasonable structure.
(3) Clear target audience.
(4) Scientific, practical value.
4. Abstract Acceptance Notification:
(1) The abstracts will be accepted by the scientific committee.
(2) The abstract acceptance notification will be announced before 15th July, 2016.
(3) The authors, whose abstract is accepted as poster presentation, need to print the poster by themselves, and display on the right place. The size of poster will be informed in the abstract acceptance notification letter later.

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