On May 27, The press conference was held in Beijing on the results of the investigation of the Beijing tobacco control ordinance (here in after referred to as the regulations) to implement the first anniversary by CATC, according to the survey: after the implementation of the regulations,  a smoke-free environment surrounding the situation of primary and secondary schools in public places is much better than before the regulations, 93.83% of the public support for a ban on smoking in public places, 93.67% of the public of supportive attitude to the regulations.
World No-Tobacco Day is coming, "history's most strict smoking control” to implement is close to a year, what effect?Indoor public places smoke-free environment before and after the implementation of the regulations, the public awareness and support for the regulations, primary and secondary schools within 100 meters of tobacco sales, and so on and so forth, the CATC organization strength to carry on the spot investigations, and a public questionnaire survey.
The results show that:
After the implementation of the regulation, the support rates of the public of the regulation and indoor smoking ban is as high as 92%, 94%; women showed a more supported attitude than men in general, non-smokers is higher than smokers, group aged 15 to 29 ranked the highest, the lowest approval rates appeared at the citizens aged from 50 to 69.Non-smoking logo post had risen by 28.77%;“no smoking set to be found ”rates had edged upby15.82%; the proportion of informants’ complaints call report rose by a percentages of 53.56; no found of cigarette butts hiked 26.1%; no found of smokers rate tumbled by 1.8%; discourage smoking rate rise 13.65%.
The regulations have obtained successful implementation; Support is attained from more than 90 percents of the smokers and non-smokers; smoke-free environment construction in public places was strengthened; public satisfaction with a smoke-free environment improved obviously.

Implementation of the first anniversary of the Beijing tobacco control ordinance, although there are still some unpleasant situation, but the overall situation has improved markedly, this also shows that the ban on smoking in public places is not only feasible but also necessary, while China is now need a harsh total ban tobacco legislation. Understand the latest developments in tobacco, cherish life, away from tobacco, smoke-free environment, everyone duty, let us work together to promote China's tobacco control performance!

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