State Council meeting noted that winter is critical season for promoting campaign
China will promote its public health campaign nationwide as it works to prevent COVID-19 and other diseases in winter and build a Healthy China, a State Council executive meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang decided on Friday.
It was agreed that the public health campaign plays an important role in protecting and promoting people's health, and work on this front must stepped up.
The meeting noted that winter is a critical season for promoting the campaign and competent departments should facilitate relevant work. It is important to synergize efforts in conducting the campaign and stepping up prevention and control of COVID-19, influenza and other infectious diseases. Containment measures should be maintained throughout the winter.
Regular hand washing, proper ventilation, single-servings of food and serving chopsticks are encouraged.
Wearing of masks and social distancing requirements should be fulfilled in light of the containment needs.
The meeting urged drawing on containment experiences and science-based assessment for COVID-19 developments.
Contingency responses for containing local clusters of cases should be refined and reserves of material supplies enhanced.
More efforts will be undertaken to realize effective mobilization of containment resources for epidemiological investigation, testing and medical treatment. Relevant information will be released in a fact-based transparent manner.
The meeting called for a comprehensive overhaul of residential living conditions in both rural and urban areas. Efforts will be made for environment sanitation improvements in key areas and where notable sanitation lapses are evident-such as produce markets, canteens and older residential communities.
Sanitation systems will be strengthened to eliminate any breeding ground for pathogenic microorganisms.
Public sewage and garbage treatment facilities will be improved as well as those dealing with medical waste and sewage.
The meeting also called for encouraging healthier living habits among the general public, which includes quitting smoking, reducing alcohol intake, regular exercise and healthier diets.
Basic knowledge of medical care and health will be promoted more widely to the general public. Health education will also be included as part of the national education system in an effort to raise the quality of public health and awareness in this regard.

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