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Please first read through the Guide to Submitting a Project Idea [pdf|340KB].
This guide is designed to give you a clearer understanding of how the online form works and the steps you will go through to develop and submit your Project Idea.
This guide should be used in addition to the steps below.
To Access the Online Project Idea Form
The first time you begin to develop a Project Idea form for this round, you need to enter the online form via this link:
Please see Step 8: Opening up a current Project Idea if you have already started a Project Idea form for this round and wish to return to it.
Step 1: Have you submitted a Project Idea through a previous round of the Grants Program?
Yes, I have
You will need to have access to the email address and password you used to create your Account previously. Your password would have been emailed to you the first time you signed in.
No, I have not
When you start to develop your Project Idea form, you will be given the opportunity to create a new account.
Step 2: Create a New Account / Signing into a current account
To create an account you have two options. Either:
• Click 'Save & Finish Later' at the bottom of any page as you start to develop your Project Idea; or
• Click 'My Account' in the top left corner of any page
When you click either of the options above you will be taken to a Sign In page. Here you can either follow the steps to create a new account, or log into your current account.
Step 3: Start to complete the online form
The online form has three pages:
1. Organization

2. Primary Contact

3. Project Idea
The fields marked with a red * symbol must be completed in order for your form to be submitted. These are required fields and must not be left blank.
Step 4: Saving your work
At the bottom of each of the pages you will see an option to 'Save & Finish Later'. Click this button and you will either be prompted to enter your Account details, or you will automatically be taken to your 'My Account' page if you have logged in previously.
You can save your work at any time throughout the development of your Project Idea.
To return to your Project Idea form at any time, use the link you were sent in your email, or click the link under Step 8.
Step 5: Reviewing and printing your work
You can review your work at any time by clicking on Review My Application at the top of each page. You can also print your form by clicking on Printer Friendly Version at the top of each page.
Step 6: Submitting your Project Idea
When you are ready to submit your form, go to page 3 titled Project Idea. At the bottom of the page there is a Review & Submit button. This will take you to the Review My Application page.
If you have missed out any of the required fields, marked with a red * symbol, these will be highlighted by a red arrow. Please complete these fields and click on the Update button at the bottom of this review page.
We strongly suggest you print your Project Idea before submitting it. Once you have clicked 'Submit' from this page you will not be able to make any further changes to your Project Idea.
Step 7: Your Project Idea has been Submitted
You will be returned to your account page and see the message 'Thank you! Your application has been submitted'. You will also receive an email acknowledging that your Project Idea has been successfully submitted and providing you with a tracking number.
Step 8: Opening up a current Project Idea
If you have already started to complete a Project Idea and would like to return to it please use the link below to return to your My Account page.
This is the same link that you will have received in your email the first time you created an account.
Project Ideas cannot be accepted via email or after the deadline.

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