MANILA -- The Manila government vowed on Tuesday to get rid of all outdoor tobacco advertisements in the city in compliance with the Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003.
   Mayor Alfredo Lim said he already ordered the removal of banners, streamers and posters of tobacco advertisements in the city.
   "I already asked for a list of places where these ads are placed and I want them removed immediately," he said.
   The Department of Health and anti-smoking advocates earlier appealed to local government units to ban outdoor cigarette ads. They claimed that local government units were not only required by law but were also in the best position to enforce the ban strictly.
   The anti-smoking group Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Alliance Philippines (FCAP) said that although prohibited under the law, outdoor ads promoting tobacco were still found all over. At the same time, it admitted that there was inadequate public information on the ban.
   FCAP's own documentation, contained in the "Book of Violations," shows continuing violations of the ad ban in Manila, Makati City and Quezon City, as well as in the cities of Cebu, Legazpi (Albay) and Roxas (Capiz).

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