Fujian and Guangdong provinces together with Beijing have done best in following an appeal from the central government to reduce smoking in public places, according to a report by the Beijing Impact Law Firm.

The firm sought information disclosure from the governments of all 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions on the Chinese mainland since August last year on how effectively they followed the circular, released by the State Council in 2013, and completed the report based on answers given.

The firm applied answers for 12 questions, including whether provincial governments issued the circular to subordinates, whether they made detailed measures to follow the circular and whether they removed ashtrays from government offices.

Beijing, Fujian and Guangdong provided all information requested and performed best according to the report. All three provincial governments said they had forbidden smoking in government buildings and banned officials from buying cigarettes with public expenses.

Some provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions failed to take enough measures to ban officials from smoking in public places, according to the report.

Henan was the only province that failed to disclose any information, the report said.

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