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The Fifth Honorary president of Chinese Association on Tobacco Control


Han Qide    
Vice Chairman of NPC    

The Fifth Senior Consultants of Chinese Association on Tobacco Control



Yang Gonghuan Zhong Nanshan Judith Mackay Kuang Zusheng
Formal deputy director of CDC President of CMA
Academician of Chinese
Engineer Academy
Senior Consultant of World Lung Foundation, Bloomberg Initiative Charitable Foundation & WHO  Chairman of Hong Kong Association on Tobacco and Health

Yao Siyuan Hu Dewei Xu Guihua Ying Songnian
CEO of Taiwan's juridical person John Tung foundation  Health Economist, The School of Public Health, Berkeley Faculty of The University of California The formal Deputy Director of CDC, Researcher Professor of Univ. Politics and Law, Chairman, Chinese Research Society of  Administrative Law

The Fifth President, Vice president of Chinese Association on Tobacco Control

Hu Dayi        Gao Yulian
Director of Heart Division
People’s Hospita

  Vice president & General Secretary


Liao Wenke Lin Junqiang Zhang Xiaoyuan  
Vice President
Inspector of the Department on sports,health and art, the Ministry of Education
Vice President
Deputy Director of Advertising supervision, General Bureau of Industrial and commercial administration

Vice President
Director of Child Department ofChinas Women Federation

Li Wensheng Zhi Xiuyi Xu Zhengzhong  
Vice President
Deputy Secretary of Medical Faculty of Peking University
Vice President
Director of Chest Surgery Division, Xuanwu Hospital

Vice President
Professor, Economic Dept. of National School of Administration & Tutor of a ph, d. student